Nedderfeld – Living in a parkHamburg

Nedderfeld – Living in a park, Hamburg

Extension of existing residential complex with additional 36 residential units in an existing residence

  • In the south of Nedderfeld 110 A-H, Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Living in and at the park in attractive district
  • Portfolio: 256 residential units with approx. 13.750 sqm living space
  • New construction: 36 residential units with approx. 1.500 sqm living space
  • Completion of new construction: 2019
  • Design Architect: Giorgio Gullotta Architekten, Hamburg
  • Project company: GbR Nedderfeld WOHNEN IM PARK
  • SELECTION Award in the category ARCHITECTURE at the ICONIC AWARDS 2019
  • Rental through: Klimik GmbH, Hamburg
View of the entire residence
Visualization of new building planning
Overview before start of new construction
Construction update December 2018
Finalization 2019
Finalization 2019
Entrance area
Living area
Award SELECTION in the category ARCHITECTURE at the ICONIC AWARDS 2019
(de) Auszeichnung SELECTION in der Kategorie ARCHITECTURE bei den ICONIC AWARDS 2019